Welcome to Lampert Bath Liners Plus Ltd.!

The Lampert family has been in the bathroom business for over 80 years. We offer solutions to every possible bathroom problem – whether it’s mildew, rusty fixtures, cracked or missing tiles or just an outdated bathroom; Lampert can solve any issue. From tub to shower conversions and bathroom renovations to acrylic wall liner systems – Lampert can do it all!

Our liner systems come in a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns. Care and maintenance is easy, the non-porous surface simply wipes clean; and comes with a lifetime warranty.

With over 40 years of bathroom renovations and 12 years of acrylic liners experience, our advice is to install a brand new tub instead of a tub liner. One reason this is beneficial is that by removing your old tub, we are able to check behind the shower walls and fix any potential damage. When installing a tub liner there are a couple of problems that could develop over time. One problem that may occur is water leaking in between the old tub and the tub liner which may create a floating tub. Another problem you may run into is rusting of the tub drain.